Saturday, 28 June 2014

*** An Antique Saturday ***

Hi amigos!
Life has much to offer. Life is everywhere. You maybe going about your mundane routine, immersed in your own thoughts, thinking how boring life is. But at the exact same moment, just a few seconds next to you might be something filled with immense excitement.

This happened to me today. I was walking hurriedly to the bus stop to catch a bus thinking I should not miss it, if I do I have to wait another hour blah blah blah. I still had twenty minutes to spare.
Suddenly I saw a cart filled with flowers from the left corner of my eye. This broke my string of mundane thoughts. All of a sudden I saw this frantic activity all around me. It was market time on Saturday. Flower bouquets, fresh farm-grown fruits and vegetables, hand-made products, pottery, paintings and many more. I decided to take a small detour to fill my fifteen minutes.

I walked around the market absorbing the sights, sounds and smell. People were smiling, children hopping around, vendors doing their loud marketing, hot dog stands pulling people towards it with the smell. The next sight threw me off balance a little. I saw three antique cars with shiny bodies, mesmerizing colors pass by me and they were followed by this huge a**, loud motorcycle driven by this hippie man with tattoos, piercings and this winner smile. The part of my brain which loves machines was aroused.

I thought it was just Saturday and people are showing off their priceless goodies. I continued walking down the market and all off a sudden was thrown into this main street filled with..... guess what? Antique, remodeled cars!!!

Different types of Chevys, Mustangs, Camaros, Plymouths, Jaguars were standing majestically shining in different colors and exhibiting their pride. Their proud owners were beside them excitedly explaining the details of their priceless babies. The hoods were open showing a display of the inner parts. I took out my camera and clicked away. As I walked past each one of the cars, I was stunned at the uniqueness of them. Every one of them was different. Each trying to outshine the other. Each has a story to tell. From the time of its creation to its presence here.

My philosophical side started churning rapidly. The antique things have a lot of stories to tell. They went through a regime of highly revered at one time, then a slow/rapid decline followed by a period of hiatus just before being realized of its uniqueness and to be restored once again to a majestic glory and increased value.

That is how we humans face life too. We are constantly sitting in a wheel which keeps turning taking us to high points and low pitfalls. In the end, we have so many stories to tell which makes us indispensable. We are all unique. No one of us are the same.

I then realized that I would almost miss my bus and ran over to the bus stop. Thankfully I was on time. I sat in the bus and felt that wide grin on my face.

I got a lot out of this fifteen minutes of solitude detour. Everyone needs these small detours once a while to get that magic out of life. All we have to do is LOOK. Seek and you shall find.

It was totally an ANTIQUE SATURDAY for me. I am sure I will be basking in this energy for a few days before I find something else to recharge again.

Check out my video of the small variety of cars that I saw today.

See you all in the next post.
Don't forget to share your magical experiences.
Till then Keep Calm and Stay Mesmerized
Over and Out.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Movie Love 1 ###

Aloha Sweeties~ !

Another one of the posts related to my art love. This time it is movies.

There is just this one movie which touched my heart THE DEEPEST ever since I watched it before a month ago.
The movie is called "The Secret Life of Words". It is a romance drama. Just few words and silence will take you through the whole movie. Beautiful soundtracks enhance the allure of the movie.

IMDb gives a 7.6 rating. I would give it atleast a 8.

One of the best songs for me in this movie is "Hope there's someone" by Antony and the Johnsons.
The link to the song:

The end is very calm and piercing. I am personally attached to the dialogue in the end which brings both the protagonists together.

I am going to end this post asking you all to watch the movie when time permits and let me know your thoughts.

I will see you all in the next post.
Till then Keep Smiling.
Over and Out.

Wiki and IMDb links:

Monday, 12 May 2014

Music Love 1 ~~~

It is good to write again and reach out.
I am feeling all artsy for a while now.

ART in any form rejuvenates the soul.
Music is one such form of art that soothes, excites, makes you sad, happy, nostalgic and triggers a plethora of varied emotions. It is always a love that never turns you down. It virtually transports the listener to a perfect place, a perfect situation everything perfect.

Music has kept me company ever since I have known myself. My tastes keep changing with time and situations.

"When words fail, music speaks..."  An important factor in a song is the lyrics. Some of the lyrics really get to me. Their words are an exact manifestation of my unspoken thoughts.

Here are three random songs that I really enjoy whenever I listen to them and I have been listening to them a lot lately.

Moby - "Why does my heart feel so bad"
A lovely downtempo song that just makes you chill when you are chilling.

1200mics - "DMT"
I absolutely love trance music. This is one psychedelic trance that really puts you in a trance.

Yanni - "Reflections of Passion"
This is one of those songs that serves as a virtual transportation to that perfect place.

Well... enjoy them!
Comment below if you have any current favorite songs. I would love to listen to them.
See you all in the next post.
Till then chill, get into a trance and be teleported!!!

Over and Out.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Art Love 1: Picasso and Dali

I was again at the verge of abandoning this blog. But NO. I should not go back to putting it on an indefinite hiatus. I need to give this blog a rebirth again. Probably with a whole new set of interesting (but short) insights.

Being a very artistic person, I believe in expressing one's self through the arts. May it be dance, music, writing, painting or any other form of pure expression of the Inner Self. I was a general admirer of the "painting" form of expression.

 The interest was piqued more after my visit to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York during the New Year holidays (Jan 2014). I did not really enjoy the museum very much as a whole. But there were certain paintings and photographs that really drew me. I became more curious about those artists and their work in general.

Two such artists are Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Both Spaniards, which is an interesting fact. Pablo Picasso's play of colors and setting new trends in painting amazes me. Whereas Salvador Dali's melting union of science and imagination, artistic lines and his inert craziness spins me out of control in his world.

I am personally attracted to two paintings in the past few weeks. 

"The Old Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso

As soon as I saw this one, I knew I was drawn to it. The brownish guitar pops out from the painting amongst the harmonious blend of blue. The about-to-die beggar tries to earn his last morsel by playing a tune out of his guitar. It looks like he does not even have the strength to hold the guitar. The main thought on this painting for me would be the beggar tries to give something beautiful to the world (as music) even at the verge of dying. Everything has beauty in it.
Current home: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
More on the painting:

"Anthropomorphic Chest of Drawers" by Salvador Dali

A very thought provoking painting. The primary factor that immediately draws me to a painting is its colors. The yellow shades at the bottom half of the painting and the dark shades at the top are kind of mysterious and brings out the dark nature. The woman sits there away from the beauty and the busy of the outside world. She is just in her own thoughts and analysis of her thoughts that she forgets to see the beautiful things surrounding her. The detailing that Dali has gone into painting the Freudian woman is really deep. My thoughts on this painting are 
1) Everyone needs time away, from their crazy schedule, for themselves to think, analyse and be at peace with one's self 
2) The world outside is really beautiful. Never shut yourself down with negative thoughts and become a black hole for further sadness.
Current home: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Wesfalen, Dusseldorf, Germany

More interests and snippets to come. 
See you all in the next post. 
Till then keep smiling and enjoy art. 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A BIG hi !!!

A BIG hello to all!
Here I am reaching out to all of you after almost more than four months!

Phew time flies really FAST!

Well... The reason why I took four months of hibernation from this blog is because I had relocated and trying to orient to this new life and tumultuous schedule.
I had got a lot of time to think about various different things. Some serious introspection was churning.

I have thought about various decisions that would shape and change my life for the better. I came to know how far I can push myself in various aspects and also I am thinking and working on how much more I can keep pushing myself.

The entire goal of this post is to give you my THREE tips in general that might help anyone who just needs that tiny bit of thought/spark to keep going and take the right decisions (whatever is right according to you! )

1. Never let go of your dreams for ANYONE, for ANYTHING and ANYHOW. Chase them and lift up the victory cup.

2. Everyone undergoes this insanity of life in one way or the other. Every single day is like a challenge. But don't crib about it (try hard not to!), don't keep complaining or don't keep a sad face. SMILE and accept the challenge with a full heart. You will be surprised to see how many things you can do and change in your own life.

3. Last and the MOST IMPORTANT one to remember is : Try to motivate yourself and others every single day. Keep feeding positive thoughts to your mind whenever you feel a little down in energy.

Hope these are useful for someone at somepoint of time.


YOU LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE... Dont let anyone live it for you OR tell you how to live!

See you in the next post.

Till then keep smiling

Friday, 14 June 2013

Today I saw GOD!!!

Hello Again!
I was really not sure if I should write this post. But then in my very first post, I vowed to write anything and everything I deeply feel. This is what this blog is all about... Deeply Felt Thoughts. Today I saw GOD and felt GOD.
I was part of a small incident today which I really thought I need to share it with you guys.
I don't know if it is going to make any sense... BUT Here we go! 

I was going through my old stuff like clothes, bag, books etc. I was planning to give it away because I am relocating next month. 
My uncle had arranged for one mother and daughter, who were supposedly poor, to take my clothes. So they had come today afternoon to my home. The girl looked like she was in her teens and was naturally beautiful and her mother looked so calm and eager. I just showed them my clothes and asked them to take what they like and just throw what was not good or too old to use. The daughter who was looking sad when she came in the home, brightened up immediately. She looked through my clothes and immediately started trying them out and showed them to me happily. She started singing and dancing with so much happiness. My mother had some of her old saris to give as well. So the girl's mother was looking through them and she too was so happy to receive those saris. They took all what I had to offer and after seeing their happy faces, I gave them few handbags and my backpacks. They were so happy. We then packed all the clothes and other stuff in few large bags for them to take home. 

After all this, I prepared tea for all of us and we just sat drinking it. I casually asked the girl what she is doing. She told me she just finished 12th standard. I asked her which college she has joined for her undergraduate. She looked a little uneasy but after a few stammers, she answered me that she is going to study BCom in the Government Arts College. I asked her how much marks she got in her 12th standard and she told me her marks and said that she got very poor marks. I just encouraged her and told her that this is not the end and as usual just gave her a few motivation talks. Just then my uncle said that the girl was someone who studied in the kerosene lamp light (recently they had got electricity) and the amount of marks that she got was a big deal. 

It was late evening by the time they left. Before leaving, they just took my hand and thanked me (almost in tears). I just told them not to thank me and that I was happy to help them. 

After they left, my uncle told me that the girl didn't tell me the truth when she told me that she had joined in the Government Arts college. She just told it to tackle my question. He also told me that the mother could not afford to send the daughter to college because of the very low family income. The mother had lost her husband and now she is earning by doing some labour work for daily wages (probably at some construction site) and she also has a son who is working as a cleaner for some lorry service. Because of this condition, the girl is not able to attend college. My uncle said that he has appealed to the Government Arts College through some influential people to try to make her education free. 

On hearing this I was totally in tears. I felt so grateful for the education I got and felt even more grateful to my mother for giving me a valuable education amidst all the difficulties she was in. And along came this strong thought in my mind that I need to help this girl in some way or the other. 

I don't know how to help her. But then I thought if the free education is not happening for her, I would atleast try and pay her tuition fees (which might be 5000 - 7000 Rs per semester in a Government College). Or maybe get her books. Maybe I will talk to my mother and my best friend and maybe we will pool in some money so that we can be her sponsors kind-of-thing. I don't know...

I don't even know why I am writing this. But maybe the message I want to convey to you guys is that, there are many people who don't even know/heard about the various luxuries that we enjoy and mostly take for granted. We take our food, clothing, shelter, education, relationships, laughter etc etc etc for granted. Sometimes, WE EVEN TAKE OUR EXISTENCE FOR GRANTED.

But many don't even get to enjoy even the basic necessities. Many struggle for electricity and water. Let us all just take one moment right now to just thank all what we have got till now and what we would be getting further. Thank God and the Universe for giving a good life, good relationships and GOOD EVERYTHING for us. 

Never take things for granted my friends because the wheels of time keeps on turning. We never know when we would be pushed to a situation of losing it. 

Help as many people as you can. In any way possible. Even in small ways...
You never know it might just brighten up someone's life in a big way. It will in turn brighten up your life and makes it more meaningful. 

Enough of my rambling... 
I don't know what I am trying to achieve by writing this post. But just want to convey a message to you guys. Help people in need and distress. You can see God in their smile and eyes. My uncle just told me one sentence today..."Ezhaiyin Siripil Aandavarai Paarkalaam" (means You can see God when you bring a smile on the face of the needy)

YES! Today I saw GOD and felt GOD!!! Goosebumps! :)

Signing off ... Am out of words...
Over and OUT

Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 5 -Motivation Week

Dear All,

When I designed this program for myself, I wanted to continue it for five days in one stretch. But I am posting Day 5 today because of some technical and health issues.

Hope to motivate you all today with this last post of this small program.

A task which is well planned is half-done. Do you guys agree?
I do. I really like the brainstorming session that I have with myself before beginning anything. I just take sometime to jot down stuff and make a flowchart plan before actually proceeding. There are a lot of advantages to it. One thing is that it will give you a sense of something solid to proceed forward and the other thing is that it will show you of any flaws in the plan.

Well enough of too much talk.
Let us begin our last day!

Today's Motivational Video:

I have written about showing your confidence in my Day 3 Video! This video is somewhat related to this. I just have a small message for everyone. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE. Never underestimate you or anyone. Before you laugh at anyone else for how they look, talk, eat, walk etc etc., just think for a moment that they might have some thing extra ordinary that you don't have. Respect that. Also consider for a moment that you might also have certain faults that you might be laughed at. Here is the video that made me smile and cry at the same time! Click here for the Video!

Today's Motivational Speech:

A very Apt video for ending our fifth day. It does not matter where o\you start or how you start... All that matters is the Ending and How you did it! Click Here for the Video!

Motivational Quote for Today:

"An Object that is at rest, will tend to remain at rest.
An Object that is in motion, will tend to remain in motion"
-Issac Newton

True True True ... Don't let yourself stay idle. Because that will surely push you stay idle.
Get up. Get motivated and set yourself in motion. Slowly increase the speed and have a safe but exciting flight.  But don't forget to press the brakes when required and use your landing gear for a pitstop.

Balance Quote for Today:

"Holding on to ANGER is like grasping hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. YOU are the one who gets BURNED"
-The Buddha

Everyone gets angry. But the wise knows how to temper it and let it cool so that it does not affect ONESELF and OTHERS.

And it is a wrap you guys.Well Done.
We come to the end of the 5-Day program. I really hope everyone enjoyed being a part of this and I really hope that you guys got motivated atleast a tiny bit.
You guys can continue to use this 5-day program to motivate yourself this following week. Else it would be even more better if you could design your own program to motivate yourself and others.

Let me know how you all felt at the end of the day and also at the end of this program.
I hope you felt a difference.

Keep on the motivation and remember that MOTIVATION is just like a BATH. It is recommended everyday.

See ya all in the next post.

Cheers Peace
Over and OUT